Monday, July 5, 2010

Well I am off to a great start this month with our 30-Day Challenge! I have already lost 3lbs (woo hoo) and am really excited to see how far I can push myself this month. I signed up recently for a fun race and another 50k. If you haven't heard of the Warrior Dash - you should definitely check out their website.

It's a mix between a 5k and an urban race. I signed up with other friends and it should just be a mud fest of laughter! I am finding that it's important to mix training with fun. Just as mixing business with personal time.

I'm heading out to Los Angeles and Atlanta next week and looking forward to running in both cities. Both for completely different reasons and seasons. LA should be dry and warm, where ATL will be hot and humid. Running across the country this Summer will be good for training.

I can tell you that the way I'm feeling now - is awesome! A few days ago when I was on a trail run, my legs felt really strong and my cardio is getting better and better. I've been riding on my off days in slow gears to really use my quads and hams. I think it's helping my overall running and I'm happy for that. I still run an 8-10 miler a week to keep my progression rolling forward and this weekend I have an 11-miler on the books. I'm looking forward to it.

With the 30-day challenge ,, my 50k, upcoming travel schedule - I am one busy sales girl!


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  2. I want to clarify, Enagic has been in business in Japan for over 35 years, and expanded to the US in 2003. Seriously, you ought to look into it for your health's sake (there are people in the company all over the US that will let you try the water for free for 21-30 days to see if it helps you and I can put you in touch with one of them). In addition, given your sales and networking skills, and the company's phenomenal compensation, if you chose you could use it to make some extra money. It's an amazing company seeking to help people around the world. Take care Michele and make it a great Monday:)