Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Are you tired?

Happy Hump Day!! I hope everyone is getting enough rest, drinking enough fluids and finding some balance within each day. I'm at the start of my travel as you all know by now and I found this great article on pushing through the tiredness of life. I went to bed a little later than usual last night as I had dinner with my Mom and some old friends and waking up this morning to go for a run seemed daunting. Of course my internal alarm wakes me up about 45 minutes before my alarm and I gulped down about 8 oz of water and headed out for a great 5.8 mile run full of hills and now sitting here showered I feel accomplished and refreshed. May you find that inner strength on those days that are harder than usual. Go out and as Nike says, "JUST DO IT!" Hugs & High Fives! Michele

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