Wednesday, August 31, 2011

QR Codes

Hey everyone! QR codes are really fun and a great way to get someone to check out your website, your Linkedin, FB, Twitter or blog. You can't help but pull out your handy dandy smart phone to scan away and see where it takes you.


You can totally make your own QR Code for anything that has a URL.

So go ahead - have fun with it! Use it for your business... brand yourself, PR, whatever. This is the wave of the future. Add it to your email. I'm sure you'll start your own trend and then your friends will want to follow too.

Have a great day!!
Thanks for reading,

Monday, August 1, 2011

My day with the Buzz Bus

Every now and then I get a lucky day. So last Friday I had the extreme pleasure of enjoying that day on The Buzz Bus. I was riding the MAX into downtown and with all of my other companies bowing out earlier in the week, I was still strategizing in my mind about who we should interview and where our hula-hoop stops should be. All of a sudden I think... KEEN. They have that whole "recess is back" revolution going on! So I call the office and since this is Portland... they would be a no brainer, but they had Friday morning meetings and I felt my heart get squashed again. Then, I began to call my friend, Stephanie who works at the fabulous company Horny Toad only around the corner from my favorite coffee stop, BaristaPDX. She totally pulled through and our day was turning around for the better. We got some great video and photos of the Horny Toad squad. Then we decided to do a reconnaissance on Keen, only 3 blocks away. So while they are pulling the Buzz Bus Airstream I see my friend Tsveti from non-other than the amazing New Zealand company, Icebreaker. Funny enough she was visiting her husband who is a Keen employee and was so excited to give her company a recess. Plus, they are a new sponsor with the OIWC. So she gave me directions to their headquarters and we then had an amazing time visiting and getting a tour of their USA TouchLab. They are all pretty special people. The girls with Buzz Bus were so excited how the day turned out and I have got to give a big shout out and thank you to them for giving me a great opportunity and to the fabulous companies that surround our downtown! You guys make such a difference and for years to come I will be grateful for your time and energy!! This is one of the many reasons why I love Portland!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Selling in Hot-lanta!

It's that time of year again... where the retailing worlds collide with the vendors of the world in one lovely humid town filled with thunderstorms. Yes, I'm talking about Atlanta or better known to all of us as Hot-lanta! In the months of Summer it definitely lives up to its name. July is known as 'MARKET'. This is where I come alive. I love seeing all these cool people with their wonderful shops come in and talk shop. I love being able to provide them with that item that will be a smash hit for their store through out holiday season and beyond. It's great when they can get excited over our products after having looked at over 100+ other companies and products. Between June and August we have our largest gift shows and people come from all over the US and Canada to shop here. It's row after row and floor after floor of all the hottest accessories from floral - toys that cater to museums, boutiques, high-end apparel stores and car washes. Yes, the latter seems odd, but it's true. There are a lot of hip car washes that now have an accessories area. As well as contemporary home stores that love creating a special area that their customers can take something home while waiting on their customized furniture. Table top is great for that. So this week, our showroom, Just Got 2 Have It will be wining and dining all the fabulous buyers that will step in and shop with us. I'm excited to share all that is great about our stainless steel accessories. Stewart/Stand is on fire! Come on by and see us if you're in the area. Have a great week. Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

HONEY MILK = happiness

This is what arrived for me about a month ago. I didn't realize what a tasty treat this would end up being. I was skeptical at first. Honey Milk? Sure, I used to love steamed milk with a drizzle of honey when I couldn't sleep as a kid. But, as a protein drink? So, I popped open the first one; honey flavored of course and to my surprise it was delicious. Really delicious. So, I started one by one enjoying each flavor. Coffee was a nice surprise one morning when I was running late for the gym. Like a two for one. They are great for meal replacements and as a recovery drink. If you are lactose intolerant Athletes Honey Milk™ shouldn't be an issue, though I am more sensitive than most; I have to be honest and say that drinking this did give me some intestinal issues. One bottle of Coffee Light is 150 calories, 3.5g Fat, 11g carbs/sugars and 20g of protein. I definitely suggest this product for anyone looking for a solid drink that will help them take in additional protein with only about 150 calories. Go for the light if you are looking to decrease fat, as it still has a solid protein count and will help you in recovery while helping your reach your target goals. Enjoy and drink up! Happy Summer and thanks for reading.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Montrail Mountain Masochists in OutDry

So I'm finally getting the opportunity to run in these amazing Montrail Mountain Mascochists that I got about 2 months ago. I've been so incredibly busy - and am so excited to finally get some quiet trail time in the coming months. When I first tried them on, I was instantly impressed at how rigid, but comfortable they were. Much like my Montrail Rockridge trail runners, which I have totally loved. The stability and fit of these shoes allow for a thin sock. My heel has just enough room to allow for natural movement but not so tight that a blister appeared. It’s worth noting that many folks are finding the Mountain Masochist runs large and are buying the shoe a half size smaller than they normally wear. For the record, I’ve been happy wearing my standard size 9. If you haven't heard of Montrail's new Outdry technology then be pleasantly surprised. The patented OutDry waterproof-breathable technology provides the most flexible and lightweight protection available to keep runners comfortable in all conditions. The rain just pooled on my shoe with little droplets. It's awesome and sure to make the Gortex lovers take notice. As I continue to add miles and mud, I'll be updating my review here periodically. It's summer and my travel season is kicking up. I can't wait to hit the So. CA dirt, as well as Dallas, Atlanta and NY. If you are looking for a new trail shoe that has the flexibility of a road shoe but can handle the terrain you dish out then definitely try these on for size. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1

I can't believe June is already here and I've been working a lot. So
much great stuff is on the horizon as usual, otherwise I wouldn't even bother doing this. Life is full of amazing rewards daily if you know where to look. Last month I got to work with an amazing new rep and travel a bit. Going to San Francisco was such a treat. As you can see by the photo I took - it was a beautiful day out. What an incredible city. Great food and a fabulous visit with my friends who are staples for me in this industry we call GIFT. Robin from Red Boot Consulting and Viv, from Viv & Ingrid. They have amazing women's accessories and have just opened up their first store in Berkley. If you are near by check it out.

Being in San Francisco this go round I got to see a friend I haven't seen in many, many moons. We've been friends for over 20 years. Jill has a great blog - check it out.

All in all, loving that it's June 1st. and a NEW month of the 30-Day Challenge has started. Check it out on FB if you need a little daily motivation to achieve those personal goals you've been needing to hit. I for one am back at it hard core and taking advantage of the long holiday weekend to continue to make myself better and more prepared - I cleaned my office, the pantry and the house. It was a spring cleaning happy fest here.

I find that I am more successful professionally and personally when all things are in order. Sure, I leave my laundry for a day or so, but the nuts and bolts to me staying on target is preparedness. How prepared and organized my refrigerator, weekly menu, emails, phone calls, appointments are laid out in front of me - assures that I'll be successful. So take the fresh new day of this fresh new month and get ready to rock and roll smart from the get go!

Have a great week and thanks for reading.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Creating a vision board....

This week I have the wonderful opportunity of speaking with an amazing group of women from the outdoor industry for the Outdoor Industry Women's Coalition in Seattle at the flagship REI.

A vision board is a simple yet powerful visualization tool that activates the universal law of attraction to begin manifesting your dreams into reality. The concept of the vision board has been around for many years, but it’s gained a renewed interest and popularity after success expert John Assaraf related his story of using vision boards to achieve his dreams in the best-selling DVD documentary The Secret.


A vision board is simply a visual representation or collage of the things that you want to have, be, or do in your life. It consists of a poster or foam board with cut-out pictures, drawings and/or writing on it of the things that you want in your life or the things that you want to become. The purpose of a vision board is to activate the law of attraction to begin to pull things from your external environment that will enable you to realize your dream. By selecting pictures and writing that charges your emotions with feelings of passion, you will begin to manifest those things into your life.

OIWC - vision board from Michele Flamer on Vimeo.

Wishing you success in the coming year! Thanks for listening!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Yesterday, I was speaking to one of my closest friends, Kris who is just 2 sessions in of what will be the biggest challenge of her life. She has breast cancer and is totally owning it! Yesterday while on iChat she told me that her hair was starting to fall out. 10-14 days in, if you are the majority, your hair will start to come out while styling it. We were trying to see if her hair would stay put until my visit on Feb. 3rd. No such chance. Last night's status on her page was "Chemo winning the war over the hair, so decided to shave it off tonight! Woohoo!" So proud of her and love that she continues to be in charge of her journey. Last night I decided, like our friend, Jerri who shaved her head just a few hours earlier. See, we decided that when Kris was diagnosed that we'd all buzz our hair off together. But since we each live in different states, this would be the only way of showing support so far away. So this morning, we headed out to IHOP for my birthday breakfast and then bought a pair of clippers to buzz my head.

Kris is below with her new mohawk and taking on Cancer head on. She is a testament to grace and courage and I am in awe of her desire to continue her yoga practice and stay in the present.

If you have anyone in your life that is fighting the fight - stay close to them and try to be the best support you can be. I am blessed with my friends and shaving my head was a small way to show her that she's not alone. There are only a handful of people that I'd do this for and I'm happy to do my small part.

I want to wish all of you a healthy and successful upcoming year!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Purging the years

Check out this great blog my buddy, Kris Kaplan shared this morning from Zen Habits on purging your stuff while staying happily married.

I'm so on the same page. With our move from AZ last year - we took our time and purged 6 years of stuff while packing and then we purged more while unpacking in Portland, OR. Now that we are moving again to a larger home, it's funny that I find myself not missing those items we had boxed up and labeled 'storage'. I can't wait to move next week - unpack and purge some more. So far a few trips and 6 bags later to the Goodwill, my closet now has just the basics for work and play. "Is this all I really need," I ask myself? Crazy when it's in your face... how little you actually need day to day. 2011 is all about streamlining. Streamlining my business (especially my office), my personal life and my training.

Since I'm not a fan of resolutions as my previous post stated - these types of lifestyle goals help to clear the way for success all year long. I have one other goal that will benefit my tummy as well as my soul and that is utilizing my cookbooks and my iPad to cook new recipes weekly in order to eat well, seasonally and buy local.

Between creating zen habits and great food - this first 90 days of 2011 will be a great one!

Please feel free to share your own zen habit tips and of course any great recipes.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No Resolution Making Here!

Welcome to a brand new year! The time to reevaluate and put together a 12 month 'action' plan! I'm not really into resolutions as I feel it sets people up for failure only days into the new year. I'm about creating short term and long term goals. I feel that it helps me to stay on track for a longer period of time.

For instance; sign up for a marathon, a 50k and a fun, friendly race like the Warrior Dash.

Eating more whole foods and less processed. Creating fun weekly menus and cutting out coupons to save where we can.

Working smarter, finding balance and getting better results.

This month we are moving into a bigger home and having the opportunity to purge useless stuff always does wonders for my inner self. Working and living in a new space will be really exciting. Having a big backyard to grill and invite friends and family over will also be good for balancing personal and professional. These are the benefits to starting a NEW YEAR! These are the things that get brought up and are challenged. So forget the resolutions! Just put out what you want for the year 2011 -- and make good choices daily so that on December 31st. you can say "look what I accomplished," instead of "back to the drawing board." Happy New Year and may you get exactly what you want all year long!