Friday, July 30, 2010


As I see it. . .

Set your expectations high and exceed them Go beyond where you have been and stretch your boundaries to new and uncharted territory that will lead you to success and prosperity.

Use your past as a launching pad to the stars, which raises your bar and places you with the eagles soaring above the clouds to unlimited opportunity.

Setting high expectations escalates our thinking to a new and higher level and our attitude will be enlightened with the visions of new possibilities.

Your expectations are the view of your future as you see it.

The heights of your expectations are a leading indicator for your future aim high.
Leave the past behind you, look into the future with high expectation and focus your thinking and energy on achieving your expectations and challenge yourself to exceed your expectations. - Mark Sanborn, Leadership Specialist

I hope each of you wake up each day with a purpose to achieve your goals. Set those expectations a bit higher then what you originally set for yourself. I want each of you to succeed from the bottom of my heart and reach for the stars! So take a leap of faith in yourself!

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