Friday, June 25, 2010

Shedding the pounds

Before signing up for my next 50K - I am making a commitment to loose 25lbs. It'll make me faster, leaner and stronger. I'm really excited to get this phase in check to see where and how far I can run by just loosing my midsection. So tough - and I love beer so much. Ugh. Starting on Monday and allowing myself one beer and a little chocolate on those long run days. I'm still completely maintaining my running and get in a 8-10 mile run once a week so I don't loose out on all the work I've done so far.

It was so hot and humid on this weeks trip to Chicago... boy, I felt like I ran double the miles as my chest was heaving from that heavy air. I love the fact that I can run out my hotel anywhere in the world. Such a perk to becoming an addict. Not necessarily to running itself but to how good I feel when I stop.

I always feel better when I'm standing in my booth for 8 hours if I've run that morning.

Still excited for this journey I call my life.

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