Monday, July 12, 2010

building momentum...

We are a 1/3 of the way through this month and boy is it going by fast! How are all of you doing? Today as I was on my long trail run and while out there, I thought of you, the Tour de France riders and for a moment it made me take a personal inventory of my current efforts. At that moment I decided to push harder and boy was the reward sweet. I ran up hills I had hiked/walked previously and focused on the downhills for my recovery. I checked my HR monitor (highly recommend for those who train alone) to keep a close count of my BPM. (beats per minute) My efforts paid off and I felt great as I sprinted the final 1/4 mile... The morning was beautiful and the trails felt great!

More importantly I was proud of my success - and look forward to my next run, my next challenge.
I hope each of you continue to take inventory on your efforts whether you are at work, walking, running, walking or at the gym. Just go out today and give it your best! What do you have to lose? Have a great day! Hugs & H5's! Michele

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