Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Purging the years

Check out this great blog my buddy, Kris Kaplan shared this morning from Zen Habits on purging your stuff while staying happily married.

I'm so on the same page. With our move from AZ last year - we took our time and purged 6 years of stuff while packing and then we purged more while unpacking in Portland, OR. Now that we are moving again to a larger home, it's funny that I find myself not missing those items we had boxed up and labeled 'storage'. I can't wait to move next week - unpack and purge some more. So far a few trips and 6 bags later to the Goodwill, my closet now has just the basics for work and play. "Is this all I really need," I ask myself? Crazy when it's in your face... how little you actually need day to day. 2011 is all about streamlining. Streamlining my business (especially my office), my personal life and my training.

Since I'm not a fan of resolutions as my previous post stated - these types of lifestyle goals help to clear the way for success all year long. I have one other goal that will benefit my tummy as well as my soul and that is utilizing my cookbooks and my iPad to cook new recipes weekly in order to eat well, seasonally and buy local.

Between creating zen habits and great food - this first 90 days of 2011 will be a great one!

Please feel free to share your own zen habit tips and of course any great recipes.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I think that moving is a very good opportunity to purge. Renovating is as well. I try my best to do it but there will always be that sentimental attachment. They say a good rule of thumb is if you had only 30 minutes to pack up and leave, what would you take with you...

    Thanks for the reminder my friend.

  2. Thanks Rianna! Appreciate you reading and your smart suggestion. Have a great and organized day!