Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No Resolution Making Here!

Welcome to a brand new year! The time to reevaluate and put together a 12 month 'action' plan! I'm not really into resolutions as I feel it sets people up for failure only days into the new year. I'm about creating short term and long term goals. I feel that it helps me to stay on track for a longer period of time.

For instance; sign up for a marathon, a 50k and a fun, friendly race like the Warrior Dash.

Eating more whole foods and less processed. Creating fun weekly menus and cutting out coupons to save where we can.

Working smarter, finding balance and getting better results.

This month we are moving into a bigger home and having the opportunity to purge useless stuff always does wonders for my inner self. Working and living in a new space will be really exciting. Having a big backyard to grill and invite friends and family over will also be good for balancing personal and professional. These are the benefits to starting a NEW YEAR! These are the things that get brought up and are challenged. So forget the resolutions! Just put out what you want for the year 2011 -- and make good choices daily so that on December 31st. you can say "look what I accomplished," instead of "back to the drawing board." Happy New Year and may you get exactly what you want all year long!

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