Monday, August 1, 2011

My day with the Buzz Bus

Every now and then I get a lucky day. So last Friday I had the extreme pleasure of enjoying that day on The Buzz Bus. I was riding the MAX into downtown and with all of my other companies bowing out earlier in the week, I was still strategizing in my mind about who we should interview and where our hula-hoop stops should be. All of a sudden I think... KEEN. They have that whole "recess is back" revolution going on! So I call the office and since this is Portland... they would be a no brainer, but they had Friday morning meetings and I felt my heart get squashed again. Then, I began to call my friend, Stephanie who works at the fabulous company Horny Toad only around the corner from my favorite coffee stop, BaristaPDX. She totally pulled through and our day was turning around for the better. We got some great video and photos of the Horny Toad squad. Then we decided to do a reconnaissance on Keen, only 3 blocks away. So while they are pulling the Buzz Bus Airstream I see my friend Tsveti from non-other than the amazing New Zealand company, Icebreaker. Funny enough she was visiting her husband who is a Keen employee and was so excited to give her company a recess. Plus, they are a new sponsor with the OIWC. So she gave me directions to their headquarters and we then had an amazing time visiting and getting a tour of their USA TouchLab. They are all pretty special people. The girls with Buzz Bus were so excited how the day turned out and I have got to give a big shout out and thank you to them for giving me a great opportunity and to the fabulous companies that surround our downtown! You guys make such a difference and for years to come I will be grateful for your time and energy!! This is one of the many reasons why I love Portland!

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