Tuesday, July 12, 2011

HONEY MILK = happiness

This is what arrived for me about a month ago. I didn't realize what a tasty treat this would end up being. I was skeptical at first. Honey Milk? Sure, I used to love steamed milk with a drizzle of honey when I couldn't sleep as a kid. But, as a protein drink? So, I popped open the first one; honey flavored of course and to my surprise it was delicious. Really delicious. So, I started one by one enjoying each flavor. Coffee was a nice surprise one morning when I was running late for the gym. Like a two for one. They are great for meal replacements and as a recovery drink. If you are lactose intolerant Athletes Honey Milk™ shouldn't be an issue, though I am more sensitive than most; I have to be honest and say that drinking this did give me some intestinal issues. One bottle of Coffee Light is 150 calories, 3.5g Fat, 11g carbs/sugars and 20g of protein. I definitely suggest this product for anyone looking for a solid drink that will help them take in additional protein with only about 150 calories. Go for the light if you are looking to decrease fat, as it still has a solid protein count and will help you in recovery while helping your reach your target goals. Enjoy and drink up! Happy Summer and thanks for reading.

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