Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What a journey so far...

Sunday was the big day! I had prepped for over 5 mos for my first Ultra marathon. Like I said, I have never even ran a marathon before... with how muddy the course was and my desire - I ran with my heart. It really was one of the most physically challenging days of my life. There was one point in the day that became overwhelmingly emotional. It was around mile 19 and the descent was steep with no traction. I basically had to sit on my butt and slide down... I kept falling on my right wrist and felt like giving up right there. I made a phone call to my partner and once I felt the support and a caring cheer - I was back up at it. 7:30 hours later I was depleted and done. It was quite the day - full of lessons, challenges and accomplishment. Now that I'm not completely worn out - I'm looking to give myself the next 3 weeks to run, bike and enjoy working out while focusing in my diet.

I definitely know that I love ultras and much like what I do for a living... I totally love seeing how far I can push myself... now the journey takes on a new chapter and I'm looking forward to seeing where that takes me.

I can't wait to start all over again from where I am. Love this quote!

"Do what you can with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt

Have a great day and thanks so much for all the support!


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