Monday, May 24, 2010

Rest is good

Hey all,

Feeling really good as I'm coming in to the home stretch of running my first 50K. A few things I've learned along the way are:

1. Don't eat a raw bar 8 miles from a bathroom.
2. Buy Bodyglide before your first 1/2 marathon
3. Apply Bodyglide.
4. Break in new shoes for a few weeks before running 16 miles.
5. Bring tp with you - on every run.
6. Pack more H2O then you think you need
7. Fiber is good for you... just not the night before a long run.
8. Do enjoy the scenery on trails
9. Don't forget to look down.
10. Do cherish your feet
11. Do run at your own pace
12. Do purchase a HR monitor
13. Do set goals
14. Do purchase Epsom salt
15. Use it
16. Do tell people you are going to run an obscene length
17. Don't run your hardest everyday
18. R.I.C.E.(rest, ice, compression, elevation)
19. Do run against traffic
20. Do have fun!

Looking forward to posting all about it!

Thanks so much for all your wonderful support!

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