Sunday, May 16, 2010

Am I really a "runner" now?

This has been quite a year already. I knew last year when I announced that I wanted to complete a 50k that it was a lofty goal…most of my friends thought I was crazy. I mean I have never been a runner. Sure, I did the occasional 5k for a worthy cause, but was never a so-called “runner.” I am excited now to fondly call myself a runner these days. I’m amazed at every hurdle I jump over and look forward to meeting more goals that push my mind and my body to its limit. It’s funny what you think about on a 5 hour run. Those thoughts that travel through my mind while running are from daily chores to thinking about running 100M next year. That is what makes me very enthusiastic about the upcoming event and though my legs are beat from completing my last long run before the tapering begins the next 14 days, I am optimistic that I’ll finish on my own two feet and live to tell the tale. I mean a lot of these pro-ultra runners that I love reading about and following on Facebook and Twitter have been at it for over 10 years. I’m inspired by their accomplishments and think about how far I have come in 12 months. After I complete this first 50k, I will look to do another one and I’ll then be able to focus my energy on building a stronger core, speed, form and become more proficient at climbing hills. It’ll be fun to just go out and train hard. The mental part of me is pretty solid. I never stop. I may walk or hike, but I know I can stay upright for hours at a time… I'm like the "energizer bunny" and that will make me a good Ultra-runner in the coming years. I may be 41, but I don’t feel old. I like that I can tap into this part of me that just keeps pushing in a relentless sort of way.

For the next 14 days I’m looking forward to some shorter runs, hill work and core. Also thinking again about being more conscious with my diet and doing what’s best for my legs and feet, so that I can be my best on race day. I’m definitely going to add P90X Yoga and Core Synergistics to my day as a second workout. These particular workouts will really help me stay injury free.

I have a lot of people to thank at this stage of my training; Carey, my partner – with her constant support and patience - my friends, Tanya and Kris, my cousins Steve and Valerie for checking in on me while providing such great words of wisdom and cheering each accomplishment how ever small it may seem. My circles of friends on Facebook have also been an amazing source of support and inspiration. So many of them are running or riding through their own journeys and it’s wonderful to see them accomplish their goals day in and day out too! Every day I am one step closer to achieving my goal is a win in itself! Thanks for reading.


  1. Awesome Michelle! I could never ever imagine doing that. I"m really proud of myself for doing 20 minutes a day on the treadmill.
    You rock!