Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Healthy and happy

Well, it's been a long week of shorter runs and rest. I really had a great weekend as our Mom's came into Portland for Mother's Day. We walked all over town, the zoo, Forest Park. It was great to take a few days off and just enjoy. I ate healthy and indulged a wee bit. This week is all about taking the next two weeks enjoying one long 20+ miler and breaking in my two new pairs of shoes... oh, the new cushioning felt good. It was definitely time to recycle the old pairs. I wore them down. It's important to look on the bottom of your shoes for wear and tear that might prevent you from getting to that next step. I'm looking forward to a run today! All in all - feeling great because I'm healthy; my feet and legs are feeling fully rested. So happy me will just keep on keepin' on! Thanks for reading.

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