Saturday, June 20, 2015

Podcast 16 - Greta Rose Zagarino

I'm thrilled to announce that I had the privilege of chatting with @gretaroseagency for this weeks informative podcast. Her agency helps create, develop and manage #brandstrategies and online reputations, custom #WordPress and #eCommerce#websites, and effective social fan pages that produce specific measurable results. #entrepreneur #bosslady #runner#triathlete #nonprofitguru #PNW#northwestisbest #hoodriver #podcast#theretailcouch #pdx >> Streaming tomorrow - google The Retail Couch. #iTunes #stitcher #blogspot

Side note - GRETA IS AWESOME!!

This was all about stepping out of my normal podcast mode to switch gears towards some other great topics that are crucial to everyday business. Greta recently wrote this great book, How Manage Your Own Website. She breaks it down so simply and I finally learn why social media is so useful, but more importantly, reading those crazy stats so you know how to target your listening/following audience. 

We discuss everything under the sun and she shares her 5 point system; as well as some favorite apps and books. 

Check it out in the resources listed below. 

Lastly, downloaded the Nancy Duarte book and she is amazing. 

Create > upload > optimize > share > analyze

Periscope App

Share Google search instructions INSTEAD OF your url
Facebook is rolling out: Bluetooth Beacon
Read my book (shameless plug)

Greta Rose: How to Manage Your Own Website (
Nancy Duarte: Resonate
David Allen: Getting Things Done

Thanks so much for listening and for subscribing!! It makes all the difference.


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