Monday, June 22, 2015

Why I Fell In Love With Periscope: 7 Intro Tips for Beginners

My Profile on Periscope

So... a funny thing happened to Twitter recently. They bought A funny little app that is reinventing how we interact with our audience. It's allowing us to get a glimpse in to every day lives around the world. 

Periscope was born. 

I didn't quite know what I was going to utilize it for.  After speaking to a few friends I realized I could take my podcast on the road and show the visual side to what I do for living. With the timing being perfect and with our new products arriving soon -- I vowed to take this app where no one has taken it before. A gift trade show. Now you may think that isn't fun.. but, I guarantee you that if you're a retailer, a rep, a manufacturer or a principal of a showroom - this may be of value to you. Even if you are a shopper - I mean who doesn't love beautiful, creative people creating amazing products from frames, candles - handbags and jewelry. 

See, Periscope is a live application. 

There are two basic things you can do on Periscope:
  1. broadcast or
  2. watch others broadcast.
Periscope is a great opportunity to share your experiences with others.
Press a button and you are live. Not only that, but your followers will be instantly notified you are broadcasting, so you’ll be directly connected to your audience.
If you are more apt to viewing then go ahead and view away, but do interact with whom you are watching. Letting them know what you'd like to see, or for them to talk about is just as important to what the broadcaster is recording. 
How to sign up... download the app from your iPhone or Android and good news is you don't actually need a Twitter account, though it is pretty nice when the two work hand in hand. 
I've been experimenting with a few videos to date and while time of day has a little to do with your initial successes. Keep in mind, this is a GLOBAL application and you are reaching around the world. So, there are 24 hours in a day, and people are watching around the clock. So know your audience if you are reaching folks just in your country. Off hours may be best.  Here are few things I've noticed so far.
A few helpful tips to draw people in if you are broadcasting LIVE :
  • Please keep your video vertical for now - it is the way the app was intended (but updates will be coming over the next few months) 
  • Create a fun title that will grab anyone strolling through the regional map. 
  • Do encourage the viewers to click on the hearts if they like what they are seeing or to comment for what they'd like to know. It's awkward enough to just be chatting away with 3 people on and all you see is nothing. Engage them. Open ended questions like; Where are they from, Is it night or day where they are... asking random questions is actually really fun. 
  • Don't sell yourself too hard - just be authentic. 
  • Create a game if you are just on to be on - make it fun at least. 
  • Don't be serious - you are the one that pushed the "start broadcast" button. 
  • Lastly, have fun!! The more you engage, the more fun you'll have. 
Check out this great blog I came across recently and to put it simply - describes how the every man or woman can use Periscope to engage and humanize through this awesome new technology. Sean M. Everett - Infectious Engagement

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