Saturday, September 18, 2010

Social media on the run...

On my run this morning - I find there really is a difference running in sneakers and running in my VFF's. There is something so primal - and while feeling raw with the pitter - patter of wet pavement below me my thoughts begin to travel into a world of their own. One of those thoughts goes to a power point presentation that I am creating for an upcoming seminar that I'm teaching Wednesday at the upcoming Las Vegas Souvenir & Resorts show for NARB. (The National Assoc. of Retail Buyers) Social media doesn't mean you have to be social. It's the intentions behind what you post that is most important.

It's funny, when I ask people to look at their Twitter feed or Facebook statuses as if it were the first time they were seeing them, I ask "do you think it represents who you really are?" Some people see that they aren't actually representing themselves in a good light - or it's all about specific hobbies. This is all fine if it is purely to speak your voice and that's all. If you are using social media for your business - then that's a different story. I always suggest to people that they create a business page for the sole purpose of sharing information about your specific niche while maintaining a personal page for friends and family. Finding balance between fun and informative will make you successful and popular.

Have an awesome day!

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