Thursday, September 9, 2010

3 miles and still running

So today I ran 3 miles in my VFF's. The differences that I am noticing within these first two-weeks while on my long runs - my arch pain has decreased to almost none. Even after my 20-miler this past Sunday - I was tired, but still ready to rock 'n' roll!

Some of the other differences are that my calves recover better - though they are sore from stairs, hill repeats and increasing mileage - they also feel more rested faster. I'm looking forward to increasing my mileage and will continue to let you guys know.

Thanks for reading...

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  1. Thumbs up! I ran the Athens Marathon in my Sprints. Lots of questions in lots of languages. Lots of funny looks from spectators. It looks like you have the Bikilas (or however you spell them). I'd like to try a pair.