Saturday, April 24, 2010

Trail Running 101

While I was running this morning and working on my form, my heel to toe stepping I realized that everything I had recently learned with regards to trail running techniques hadn't been from a book or even a running group. I owe my recent success to hard work, diet, consistency and YouTube. Yes, I said it... YouTube. It has been a phenomenal tool for me to take my trail running to a new level - the level I need to be at to walk after my first 50K. Watching greats like Karl Melzer and Scott Mason discuss proper techniques to watching the Leadville 100 winner of 2006 & 2007, Anton Krupicka talk about his unique approach to training. YouTube is definitely fun for the occasional kid giggles, puppy antics and Ted Talks; but, what I never realized before was that it is a bountiful source of information for how to, inspirational videos. I am inspired while learning. I started laughing around mile 5 today of my 10 mile training run - thinking about taking smaller steps with my knees coming higher and raising my chest. The visual training on YouTube is a powerful tool. It is my new secret weapon and I encourage anyone who is or isn't hitting your targets to jump on and search the site for all kinds of wonderful nuggets. I think you will find yourself in a new land of hope and maybe a desire to hit the road or gym... have you seen Apolo Ohno's team workout? That is a kick in the pants for sure. Check out Lance Armstrong in training. I mean this guy works hard. I'm sorry, but I definitely push harder after watching it. It has definitely helped me, who trains by myself, for myself and I know it can help you. Thanks for reading! Enjoy your weekend!

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