Monday, April 12, 2010

Running is like life...

"It's funny, running a race is a lot like life... you are going to hit hiccups, your going to hit rough periods but it's all in how you handle those and how you get through them," Quote from the Spirit of the Marathon.

I've ran 13.1 miles before in training - but running those miles with a number on the front of you highlights all of the training; weaknesses and strengths. Considering where I came from - an occasional 5K for some type of cause to running in my first official 1/2 marathon and 7 weeks and counting before the 50K - I can say... wow, it is starting to pay off!

My time and overall pace for this race was: 3:11:43 14:37

For my first 8 miles I was running a 13:26 pace - but then the mind games of the last part of the route started messing with me. Every time I thought we were heading back towards the water, we would literally go the opposite direction. Last mile though I got a third wind and felt good coming in. Today I feel a tad sore (a good sore) : I'm looking forward to hitting the gym today and heading out for a trail run tomorrow! So - I'm happy with bringing my overall pace down from 15:00 especially when I was only doing the occasional 5k.

I definitely don't look like your typical runner - but, I'll guarantee that my spirit rivals any professional. When the run gets tougher I'm loving the aspect of digging deeper. Thank goodness for adrenaline. It really does make a difference, unless it's the Gatorade mix or the Sport Jelly Belly's that I ingest through out the race... maybe it's a special mixture of both. Whatever it is - I love when my thoughts take me to my breath, take me to thinking global, work; it is almost like a mini-vacation. I feel more alive in those moments, then any other time of the day. In fact, as I write this I am thinking how excited I am about hitting the trails tomorrow.

In going back and re-reading that quote - running really is like life - professionally or personally; the journey, the trials and tribulations that work may throw at you or a disagreement with your family. It's all in there. It's all in every step towards the finish line. I like running in the pack. I love teaming up with my manufacturers and standing in a trade show booth. Trade shows and racing have the same sense of kinship. When you are out there on your training runs and you pass someone or see a runner on the other side of the street - you wave. Just like when you are at a trade show, throw on the badge - those same people give you the nod.

Running teaches you to keep going... That's what I'm going to continue to do. I hope you'll do the same. Thanks again for reading and being a part of this wonderful journey I call "my" life!

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