Monday, March 15, 2010

The Shamrock Run

The race this morning was a blast.
A little chilly but with Carey and
the puppies there to support me in
my quest - it was on! There was
21,000 participants this morning
and the energy was fabulous.
Beer, Salmon Chowder from Stan-
ford’s, live music and lots of green
made this event really fun. Also,
the Adidas Tech Shirt and 50%
off coupon at their on campus
store was a nice perk to the regu-
lar cotton T’s from other races. Wearing a beanie is key
during these colder mornings - I was thankful for mine.
Running this 8K had a few challenges - due to the standing
around I had gotten a bit stiff, and realizing I had to pee
started this off a bit rough. Looking forward to finding a
bathroom around mile one and starting off slow to warm
up the muscles made for a slow mile. Though once I found
a restroom and got into my pace, things just got better and
better where I found myself singing to myself with my
playlist sounding in my ear. “Back to Life” really got me up
to form and I was having fun. Seeing other woman and try-
ing to motivate along the way. A gal at the end stretch
whom I had pounded fists with around mile 2.5 thanked me
for being her pace car. Lots of smiles and great bagpipes
along the course, but it is always the RunKeeper App voice
that I appreciate most who at every mile passed announces
the mile, time in and my pace. That is one of my favorite
new tools to helping me just relax and run. It doesn’t inter-
rupt my music or anything... Technology is good. Monday
is a running rest day - though I’ll hit the gym which I really
enjoy! Looking forward to another week of trials and miles.
Thanks for reading!

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